Wholesale customers form an integral part of any B2B revenue. As an eCommerce store owner, your goal is to create a seamless shopping experience for different kinds of customers. Quick Order extension for Magento 2 aims to help your wholesale customers to quickly place orders with minimal clicks and effort. It reduces the complexity in the buying process, saves time and increases sales with a hassle-free shopping experience.


  • Faster checkout for bulk orders
  • Ability to search for products by SKUs
  • Add multiple products quickly and effortlessly
  • Highly customizable themes and layouts to improve site visibility
  • Apt for simple, configurable and virtual products

How Does It work?

The extension displays attributes like size, quantity, and color where customers can easily add products based on these attributes. They can also customize these attributes as per their requirements to smoothen the process of bulk product order. Shoppers can also add multiple products by hitting the plus/minus buttons and adjusting the product quantity.

The extension is highly customizable which also allows store admins to change the themes like heading background color, text color and heading background button. There is also a provision to delete specific products before adding them.

Product Search

Wholesale customers can add their bulk products in two ways:

  1. The traditional way of searching, selecting and adding products based on several attributes. Store admins can create, edit, or display a message to notify customers who have no permission to access Quick Order page.
  2. If you’re looking for a quick solution to handle your wholesale dealers and make their shopping process easy and convenient, then our Certified Magento developers highly recommend Quick Order extension.

With less than a few clicks, you let your customers finish their checkout, eliminate the possibility of cart abandonment and increase repeat customers.

Quick Order Simple Product

Quick Order Variable Product

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