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SPI Cinemas Portfolio

SPI Cinemas

Category: Entertainment   |  Technology:

Innoppl developed the Android ticketing app for SPI Cinemas, one of the leading brands in the Indian entertainment industry. The app allows users to view Movie and Cinema options across more than 50 screens, and book tickets…

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University of Illinois, College of Aces

University of Illinois

Category: Education   |  Technology:

Innoppl made their site 100% responsive and mobile friendly. We also created an extensive library, added documented ‘Info’ sections and organized their college offerings. Besides this, we crafted an exclusive ‘News and Events’ section and created an…

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British Deputy High Commission Chennai

British Deputy High Commission

Category: Government   |  Technology:

Innoppl is currently working with the British Deputy High Commission - the representative of the British Government in India – on a new mobile app, with a view to promote better relations between the UK and India.…

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arogita portfolio


Category: Healthcare   |  Technology:

Arogita is an Android app made for connected medical devices using Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth Smart) technology. The app works on Android devices with Version 4.4 and Samsung devices with Version 4.2. The connected devices measure various parameters…

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Mighy Auto Parts

Mighty Assist

Category: Automative   |  Technology:

Assist is an automotive app that is designed with 2 distinct features: A Vehicle Inspection Checklist and a Menu of Automotive Services. These are built to educate and help customers understand the condition their vehicles are in,…

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