With a lot of expectations set on the evolving Flutter technology, everyone is curious to know what is about to unfold. Flutter enables developers to build attractive and beneficial Mobile, Web, and Desktop applications in record time. On the other hand, many tech-wizards conclude that Flutter has the potential to bridge gaps using a single language to develop cross-platform software like never before.

At Innoppl, we encourage and grow the community for fellow Flutter developers, tech enthusiasts, and everyone interested in exploring new technologies. The amazing benefits of possessing a single codebase for iOS and Android versions of the application have made an immense contribution to decreasing the time taken for developing the applications.

So, let's meet and talk about development in Flutter Ecosystem, and learn from the best domain experts. A glance at what we’ll be discussing:

  • Introduction to Flutter framework
  • A short presentation about the language
  • How Flutter can be leveraged for developing iOS & Android mobile applications
  • Delving into the technical concepts of Flutter
  • A brief discussion of how Flutter will evolve as a framework
  • Build a bridging between Dart and Native code with Flutter Channel.
  • Diving into Flutter Channel concepts.