A decade back, Innoppl set out to develop mobile and web applications that were wildly innovative yet functional.

We’ve been extremely fortunate to work with loyal employees, some who’ve been with us since our inception and fantastic clients. We’ve achieved phenomenal business growth and this is a special moment for us.

Back when we started Facebook was called The Facebook, Smartphones were rare, and the traffic on OMR much better.

We are 10 now and so much has changed.

Innoppl has evolved into a 150+ employee strong company with offices across the USA and UAE. We’ve created best-of-breed products

But, a few things haven’t. Like our commitment to quality, employee friendly workplace,and clients who swear by us.

Yes, we’ve changed, for the better and would like to share a few things with you!

Here Are 10 Awesome Things We’ve Learned Along The Way!

1. Happy customers are the bottomline that matters

It feels great to be appreciated by your customers. We’ve got immense customer love and it can be tied back to one thing. Putting customers first. If they’re not at the center of everything you end up creating products that have no takers.

2. Being productive is not the same as being busy

The slant is on productivity and innovation here. Not long work hours and tiring deadlines.

3. Smoke and mirrors are for magicians

People can see through illusions and false promises. For 10 years we’ve been entirely transparent and honest to everybody who works for and with us.

4. Workplaces should offer psychological safety

Teams that progress are the teams that value and trust in one another. In a toxic work environment, nothing much gets done. We strive to create a workplace that offers emotional safety.

5. Meaningful customer conversations are better than the best of sales copy

At the end of the day, customers are people. They are not numbers, demographics, segments, markets or stats. They are people who appreciate good work, love warm conversations and expect to be part of a team.

6. Sometimes what you give is more important than what you get

We take CSR seriously. Giving back to the community gives us immense satisfaction, happiness and pride. From sponsoring the education of underprivileged girl children to cleanup drives, we go the extra mile to share our success with others.

7. When the going gets tough, the tough get going

There’ve been stumbling blocks along the way. But this is a mantra we swear by. And you should too.

8. Invite others to the party

Where’s the fun in going to a party where nobody is invited? We regularly conduct meetups, workshops and have subject related discussions with others in our niche. It keeps us fresh and open to new ideas and perspectives.

9. To diversify is to grow

We’ve branched out into several verticals and are forever looking to expand our footprints and explore uncharted territory. But, yes we always make sure everything we do gels beautifully with our core values and beliefs.

10. The only step that matters is the next one

The future looks bright. As we look back, we’ve come a long way and want to keep the momentum going. Cheers to that!