We all know what Saturdays are for. It is the time of the week you reprogramme your mind for another busy week. Unwind and checkout cool hangouts. But a group of awesome Magento developers had a different plan.

They attended our Magento Cloud meetup and discussed strategies, bounced ideas and asked informed questions.

It was a wonderful and successful meetup than to say thanks. Thanks to all the amazing professionals who walked in and made our meetup a success.

And A Huge Shout Out To The Winners!

We’d like to once again congratulate the winners of the quiz on Magento Cloud, Khaleef Aadil and Kanimozhi. They took the trophies back home with them in style.

Q & As Are The Best, Aren’t They?

How many times have we attended meetups where the speaker drones and the audience sit, bored stiff, with hundreds of questions on their minds? Countless. And that is why we when we hosted our meetup we were pretty clear that it had to be interactive.

What better way to drive up interaction than an enjoyable QA session? Our inhouse Magento rock stars were more than happy to answer questions by the lively and engaged audience.

Wrap Up

As the crowd started making their way to the exit, after the meetup, we were glad to know that they’d had a good time. Another strong reason for us to get busy planning our next big meetup.